Some more sleeve art for the band Family Fun:



I’m in the process of printing a wolfboy book on the offset press. It’s 40 pages, containing 2 of the wolfboy stories I’ve posted to this blog. I’m hoping to be finished printing w/in a month or so…
Here’s the wrap-around cover, hot off the press:

….and some new interior art:


BALLPOINT PEN IN SKETCHBOOK, AFTER READING ALAN MOORES RUN ON THE COMIC, THEN SEEING THE WONDERFULLY TERRIBLE 1982 MOVIE. Drawn lying in bed, based loosely off the plaster patterns on the ceiling


Here’s a preview of my 12-page comic for the forthcoming MONSTER anthology, from Hidden Fortress Press. There’s an amazing lineup of artists in this book that I’m very psyched to be a part of!!!  Stay tuned to the blog for more previews from all the other ink-slingers.

My MONSTER story is a tributary stream to my ongoing MirrorriM, and focuses on the character of Luca Lyke. This is my first try at using color, and I think I learned a lot of things to do differently next time.

MirrorriM: part 6

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.          .     .   .  . …continues… .  .   .     .          .

MirrorriM: part 5

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.          .     .   .  . …continues… .  .   .     .          .

MirrorriM: part 4

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.          .     .   .  . …continues… .  .   .     .          .